Where to begin…

We don’t aspire to take you through the investing world from start to finish. Today, one can find a wealth of information and articles about this topic on the Internet, and many wise books have been written on the subject. The information on this page should be seen as a guide. The rest is up to you…

The key is to choose a good broker.

To start investing, you need to open an account with a broker. A broker is a company that allows you to invest in companies listed on a stock exchange. Some of these companies offer the chance to open a demo account and try to invest without making a deposit.

There are many companies which provide such services. Therefore, you will certainly be able to choose one of them. There is a plenitude of information available, just start Googling.

Where to look for information about companies?

Once you have chosen a broker and you have cash in your investment account, you can start looking for the right companies to invest in. There are countless websites where you can find details of companies registered on stock exchanges, but make sure you follow the Snegoo® strategy when looking for suitable companies!

Here are some tips for inspiration