Snegoo® Price List

The price of the Snegoo® license is based on the number of registration lines. A registration line is created in the app once the purchase of shares has been registered.

PackageMax. lines countPrice
Basic15€30 / year
Basic +5 lines20€40 / year
Basic +10 lines25€50 / year
Basic +15 lines30€60 / year
Basic +20 lines35€70 / year
Basic +25 lines40€80 / year
Basic +30 lines45€90 / year
Basic +35 lines50€100 / year

It is important to know that:

  • only active investments are taken into consideration, with the registration line being released after the sale of shares;
  • the number of registration lines is not limited, it can be increased by 5 registration lines at a time and the price is increased by €10 each time;
  • the number of registration lines can also be increased during the license validity period, but this increase is only valid until the end of validity of the current license.