Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience with investing. Will I know how to do it?

The Snegoo® app is the main reason why many of our clients started investing, as it is so instrumental in helping them manage their investments. For more information on investing, please read our website and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

What is Snegoo® good for? Aren’t the reports provided by the broker enough?

Every broker will provide you with your investment records. But the purchase of shares is only the first step. You need to take care of your investments and manage them. And the Snegoo® app can help you with this. It is important to have an overview and information at the time when you need make a decision – to sell and make a profit or to buy profitably after a price downturn. And there are other benefits, too, as you will find out when using the app.

I only have basic computer skills; will I be able to work with the app?

The app has been designed with great emphasis on simplicity and clarity. It comes with a detailed user manual, and you can contact us any time should you need to.

Do I have to enter all the data manually?

You only need to enter the company data once and the app will take care of retrieving the actual values. But you need to enter the data about investments, fees and dividends manually. The good news is it only takes few seconds.

Can I use the app even if I have my own investment strategy?

Yes. You can turn off the Snegoo strategy in the app settings. This way, you will not see any recommendations, but you will still have a detailed overview of your investments.

What should I do if I reach the maximum number of active investments?

If you want to increase the maximum number of active investments, you simply need to make a payment according to the valid price list, using the same variable symbol with which the license was purchased.

How is my data secured?

As the app is dealing with sensitive data, it only works with a local database on your computer. No data is ever sent anywhere. For the above-mentioned reasons, we recommend you make a back-up of your database regularly!

Can I use the app on my mobile?

No. The app can only be used on a computer using the Windows operating system. No data is ever sent anywhere, so it is not possible to view it on mobile devices.

What are the benefits of using Snegoo®?

With this app, you are getting an investment management tool that allows you to invest wisely and follow the basic rules of investing. The Real Results page provides a preview of the account we’ve been managing since January 2019, which serves to prove that it makes sense to use this app.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.