About us

Zarába to, s.r.o., was established in 2018 when we decided to share our long-term experience and know-how with our clients. Our company primarily engages in the development of software products that are user-friendly, timesaving and help to significantly increase efficiency in the areas they are designed for.

Juraj Sokol

Juraj Sokol I have been acting as a financial agent since January 2001. In 2008, I started my own company: Juraj Sokol, s.r.o., which acts as an independent financial agent. I longed to discover a way for people to appreciate their funds – and I believe I have found it!

Jaroslav Bartko

Jaroslav Bartko I have been a programmer for more than 20 years. Working on numerous projects, I have acquired skills and experience in many IT fields. It has always been my ambition to ensure that the final products I developed were a benefit for users who would enjoy working with them. Therefore, I am happy that, together with Juraj, we managed to come up with a product that allows you to take control over your investments.